The Video Production Process for Your Business

This is how it works

Introduction and Receiving a Brief

At first we talk, and you tell us about your company or product, especially the reason you want an advertisement film or a promotional film. At this stage we begin to ask you a lot of questions, like: What is the purpose of the film? Who is the target audience? What language do they speak? Maybe several languages? And other questions that will help us understand which film you need, and most importantly what will make it effective.

Developing a Creative Concept

In the next stage, our creative department will embark on a journey of creative search, at the end of which we will send you a concept with a price offer.

Price Offer

The cost of each video is based on the size and scope of the work required. But, you might ask, how much does a video cost? The average price of the videos we produce ranges from 25,000 NIS to 60,000 NIS. It’s usually not less than 25,000 NIS. There are also films that cost 100,000 NIS or even 200,000 NIS or 300,000 NIS.

Script and Storyboard

This is the stage where we sit down and write the script. This process takes anywhere from 3 to 30 cups of coffee, and at the end we send you the script. If the first draft doesn’t satisfy you, that’s okay - we'll send you a new draft according to your requirements. After confirming the script, we will draw it on a storyboard to illustrate what the film will look like. After the approval of the storyboard, we will go out for the filming.


This is the most important, and shortest, stage in the production process. It usually lasts one day, during which the entire office is recruited for the project as an elite commando unit with aerial cover.

Post production

After the raw materials come in from the shooting, we sit down to edit them to make the video the best it can be and give it the final touch. Sometimes in the editing room there are "happy surprises" that even raise the film above what was planned.

Screening of the Video

When the video is ready, we call the client to our office. This is the client's opportunity to actually see the "Vision" that up to now could only be imagined. But this is not the last word. The client can also give feedback that we will use to make changes until they find the video satisfactory.

Submission of the Final Video

Finally the video is ready! This is the stage where we send the customer the final video in the predetermined formats.


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