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We provide production service in a “one-stop shop” model: from creative concept to final delivery. Our team has extensive experience in creating commercial video content such as promotional videos, videos for digital campaigns, animation films and of course TV commercials. For a quote contact us here.


Advertisements and Promotional  Videos

About the Process

At first we talk, and you tell us about your company or product, especially the reason you want an advertisement video or a promotional video. At this stage we begin to ask you a lot of questions, like: What is the purpose of the video? Who is the target audience? What language do they speak? Maybe several languages? And other questions that will help us understand what video you need, and most importantly, what will make it effective. In the next stage, our creative department will embark on a journey of creative search, at the end of which we will send you a concept with a price offer. After confirming the concept, we will send you a script. If the first draft isn’t perfect, that’s ok - we'll make corrections. Only after getting your agreement will we move on to the shooting stage. The next stage is done by our post production department, which will make sure that the footage we made will produce the most effective video for you.

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Customer Testimonials

Gal Yaakov Adler Chomski Group

Three years ago, we turned to Market Master, a company that specializes in producing promotional films and advertisements. It has been a pleasure to work with them. Over the years, they have done a wonderful job. Market Master is a reliable company, that provides excellent, very professional service, and treats its customers individually. The staff always give us their personal attention in a pleasant way. And of course, the company always keeps its promises and meet its timetables. I warmly recommend that anyone who is looking for a production company to serve their business, work with this market leader in its field.

Eitan Wietzman Phoenix

I would like to commend the work of Market Master Film Productions. The company has certainly provided us with a very high level of service and met some very challenging schedules. We have always felt that this was a professional, patient and dedicated team. The product we received was satisfactory and also accurately met the requirements of the Brief. The film that the company produced for us included formulating a concept, writing scripts in English and Hebrew, standard shootings, aerial shootings, simulations and special animations. If you are hesitant about hiring the services of Market Master I strongly recommend them.

Dania Miara Lederer IEC

Market Master has been providing production services to the Israel Electric Corporation for over three years,and has produced more than 75 films and videos in various formats, for various platforms and audiences. All along the way, Market Master has provided us with a professional, committed, and modest team that has worked with all its might to formulate the necessary solutions according to the definition of the mission. The work is always done in the best possible way, in every aspect. The Market Master team is also trustworthy in the business aspect, and all along we knew that we were receiving excellent value for our invested resources.


The average price of the videos we produce ranges from 25,000 NIS to 80,000 NIS. It’s usually not less than 25,000 NIS. There are also videos that cost 100,000 NIS or even 200,000 NIS or 300,000 NIS. The price depends on how many days of shooting are required and which shooting equipment lighting equipment, photographers, actors, producers, designers, directors, makeup artists, sound editors, and many other professionals you probably don’t know about, are needed. (That's ok, it's our job to deal with them.) Believe it or not, an average video requires about 25 different people, each of whom is an expert in his field.
It depends on the style, length and content of the video. Typically, a standard video takes an average of 3 to 7 weeks. It is always possible to reduce the production time at an additional cost.
It depends on the length and style of animation. Typically, a standard animation video takes an average of 3 to 4 weeks. It is always possible to reduce the production time at an additional cost.
Of course! We have extensive experience in the field of localization of promotional videos, and can work in 32 different languages.
Because in this day and age there is a consensus that videos are the most effective marketing tools. From small businesses such as car washes to giant corporations like Facebook and Google, self-respecting business owners don’t allow themselves to be without marketing videos.
Usually everything from the script to the final file submission. Of course, each price offer lists all the ingredients in detail.

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