About Market Master

A production company that provides production services in a “one-stop shop” model. Production starts with the creative stage and the script and ends with a video file ready for transmission. Our team has extensive experience in creating marketing video content such as promotional videos, videos for digital campaigns, animation films, and of course TV commercials. For a price offer click here.

Meet the Team

Udi Shadmi

Production Director / Partner

Tomer Barzide

Creative Director / Partner

Ohad Oz

Creative Director

Lior Barasovsky

Production Director

Yarden Sadi


How It All Began

This photo was taken in 2012 in Central Park, in New York, during a shooting day for the Local 03 commercial. … Not everything started there, but it was a very fun point in our run

Until 2007, Udi Shadmi was a television director of programs such as El Askal with Shai Stern, Keshet and Dror (when they were still a couple) in Beep, the main game on Channel 10, the evening with Hannah Laszlo on the Net, many programs on the sports channel, and the World Cup in Germany for broadcast in Israel. Udi was busy! During this time, he began to receive personal inquiries from commercial companies for marketing content and advertisements. Within two years, 90% of Udi’s work was for these types of clients. It just happened – what is called being in the right place at the right time. In a natural process, Market Master was born as a small, kicking production company. During this time, Tomer graduated in London and worked at HMX. In his limited free time, he provided post-on-line services to Market Master. To finish his studies in London, Tomer had to produce video content. He created the first episodes of the series Pini, which he cowrote and produced with Udi – and he also starred in it. The program ended after 3 seasons, and was the first Israeli Internet series that had giant success, with millions of hits(http://pini.ynet.co . / /)  From here the road was short. Udi suggested that Tomer return to Israel as a partner in Market Master, and today, after a little more than 10 years, the results can be seen in the show-reel  below.

Show-Reel 2017

Our show-reel

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