LGBT Community – The Power to Be Yourself as an SAP Employee


Yes, even in 2017 it turns out that there is discrimination in places of work because of sexual preference. The technology company SAP raises the gauntlet and explains to its employees that no matter who you are in the workplace, you do not have to come out of the closet because everyone is already out there.

The brief we received was to convey the message “The Power to Be Yourself” through an animated film, but in a surprising way. With the help of screenwriter and director Meir Wersel we have come up with a concept of getting out of the closet in such a way that viewers who are not part of the LGBT community could connect to the film and believe in the message.


Client: Yael Gal – SAP

Main producer: Udi Shadmi

Creative Director: Tomer Barzida

Script: Meir Worsel

Illustration: Alexey

Illustration: Anna Ivnir

Animation: Itamar Sheff

Sound: Kobi Whitman

Post-Management: Igor Reisberg

מרקט מסטר מפיקה עשרות סרטי אנימציה בשנה למגוון מותגים וחברות בארץ ובעולם. סרטי האנימציה מותאמים  אישית למסרים שהלקוחות רוצים להעביר, כל סרט עובר תהליך פיתוח קונספט ויזאולי ותסריט מעמיק. לצפייה בעוד סרטי אנימציה וסרטי תדמית לחצו כאן

לקבלת הצעת מחיר לחצו כאן

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